Ocean Adventures

Swim with the sea lions

Ocean Adventures

Boasting over 2,000km of coastline and some of the cleanest waters in the world, the Eyre Peninsula is home to a wide variety of ocean adventures.

These clean waters are home to some of Australia’s most unique marine wildlife including, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Dolphins, Australian Sea Lions, Giant Cuttlefish, Leafy Sea Dragons, Southern Right Whales and the Great White Shark.

What sets the Eyre Peninsula apart from other regions in Australia is that the region offers you the opportunity to get in the water with each of these creatures and connect with the animals on a more personal level.

The Eyre Peninsula is also acclaimed for the quality and variety of its fishing experiences.  From chasing the Southern Blue Fin Tuna on an offshore expedition to fishing for King George Whiting whilst enjoying the calm waters of one of our protected bays.  There is a fishing ocean adventure to suit everyone’s taste.

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