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Southern blue fin tuna

What To Do

Eyre Peninsula is Australia’s Seafood Frontier and truly one of nature’s wonderful playgrounds with a unique combination of wildlife, landscapes, fishing and seafood. 

Discover the variety of Eyre Peninsula’s landscapes. From beaches that you can have to yourself, the vast emptiness of the Nullarbor Plain, towering limestone cliffs and ancient granite outcrops - you can have it all.

Our coastal waters are home to the magnificent giant cuttlefish, playful Sea Lions, bottlenose dolphins and the awesome southern right whales. Inland you will experience close encounters with kangaroos, emus, soaring eagles and rare native species.

Famous for fishing, the Eyre Peninsula is without doubt one of the finest fishing areas in Australia where abundant and varied catches are the norm.

If you like seafood - you’ll love Eyre Peninsula! With a tantalizing smorgasbord of shellfish to finfish gathered from the pristine waters surrounding the Peninsula, the seafood connoisseur is guaranteed satisfaction.


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